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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

a lackey song thus far- without edits, but with some thought.

Fellow fools on sunstained roads
tread with loaded hearts ablaze
The California curve just rests so sweet
along your back and down your knees.
Let us rip our jeans to shreds
and loose our shoes in campus trees
No worries, friend, let worries leave
Let's get some air and drink it in.
No heavy hearts- no adventure ends
new ones just begin on top of them.
Let's kiss the crook, and love a feind
Every cronys twice a king
The overlords will raise their hands
and clap in sync with lesser bands
Cause don't you know to keep on keepin on?

if you look in the picture, i have a pen. songwriting, for sure.


scrappy lackey said...

This is lovely. MAde my heart feel warm

The Joyful Fool said...

you're reall good aht rytin' them songanow, ya hear? hey, i dun see der scrappy lackey up dhere... hallos scrappy lackey! you're in need of a visit, oui?