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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

an "I am" poem from freshmen year

An olde thing i found for a class assignment. may have been fill in the blank...

I am here and there
Lost and found
so and so
I wonder if
I will ever finish my ideas
my stories
or if I’ll ever
finish anything…

I hear many people who sought it out, the peace of mind-
the stuff of living, the stuff of dying- people who wanted
so badly, so much, each fad as quick in succession as the
curling surf- the waves- and as repetitive as the tides.

I see them
Forgetting all that,
Forsaking that irrational bond
between them and their acclaimed
oasis of joy-their paradise in technicality.

I want to be happy
And to make others so.
That’s all.

I am confused;
I fail to see why that should seem wrong,
why my way of sorting affairs
should seem so taboo,
why theirs is so
acceptable, even
though it is
a curio

I pretend to see them
all as children,
their ‘inner-child’
or form of innocence.
A form of simple joy.

I feel better then. They, after all, are just children.
They, after all, are afraid too.

I touch their insecurities. Funny.
They feel the same as mine.

I worry that I’ll never find peace, but even so,
isn’t the effort worth something in itself?

I cry for the lost ones,
And those who remain
ignored. The ‘Save-
the ‘Free-Tibet’s
the ‘Save-
and the
Those people
who fight for a cause.

I am trying to convince myself.
No cause is lost.

I understand that life’s not fair-
I never said it was.

I will say what I must,
but people can be hard to connect to.
We all know it’s true.

People never listen.
Almost never, anyway.

I dream to share the dream.
The dream offers more comfort
than the mirage.
Comfort that cannot be acquired
within the padded walls of
a distorted reality like that which
was created.
We created.
A reality that
was not loveless, at one time.

But times are hard.

I am here.
I am looking.
I am hoping…

Maybe it’ll find me first.

After all, no cause is lost.


Lucie Roberts said...

Thats an incredible I am poem Amy! You did that as a Freshman in highschool?! 80

time-travelling lackey said...

most excellent excellence! most thoughtful- no wonder your english teachers love you so much!